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Close up of laser hair removal on woman’s armpit.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost for Armpits?

Everyone has unwanted hair they wish they could get rid of. Luckily, with laser hair removal, you can. Laser hair removal is effective at treating dark hair anywhere on the body, from the bikini line to the armpits. 

If you’re bored with shaving, hate the pain associated with waxing, and just want to get rid of your armpit hair for longer, laser hair removal might be right for you. 

But since laser hair removal is done by a specialist at a spa, dermatologist’s office, or laser hair removal clinic, you might wonder how much it will cost. So how much does laser hair removal cost for armpits? 

Many factors influence how much you’ll pay for laser hair removal, including the number of sessions, provider experience, and location. Luckily, you can save on laser hair removal and eliminate unwanted body hair with ease. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of armpit laser hair removal and why it’s worth the investment.

Cost of Armpit Laser Hair Removal

How much does armpit laser hair removal cost? There is no set price for this treatment. The only one that can tell you the cost of armpit laser hair removal is your provider after you visit them for a consultation. 

You won’t be able to get an estimate over the phone because there are several things that can influence your cost, such as the number of treatments needed, provider experience, location, and your overarching treatment goals. 

Additionally, every laser hair removal provider is different. Some may charge for packages and subsequent touch-ups, while others don’t charge for touch-ups within a certain time frame. Payment plans and specials also vary by provider.

Don’t be afraid to reach out directly to laser hair removal providers. While they won’t be able to tell you the exact cost of your treatment until they see your underarm hair and determine how many treatments you need, they may be able to give you a rough estimate or detail their specials to help you compare costs. 

Illustration of calendar with text below it that reads, “Results usually seen in 3-4 sessions.”

Factors That Impact How Much Armpit Laser Hair Removal Costs

Three primary factors to take into account when answering “How much does laser hair removal cost for armpits?”. The number of sessions needed, provider experience, and location all impact how much you’ll pay for underarm laser hair removal

The total cost of laser hair removal for armpits varies by individual because some people need more sessions than others, and many providers base their fees depending on their experience or the cost of operating where they practice.

Let’s take a closer look at these three factors to help you understand what goes into your laser hair removal cost for your armpits.

Number of Sessions Needed

The number of sessions required to eliminate your unwanted armpit hair varies from person to person. 

Some clients are completely hair free after just three or four sessions, while others may need six. Since the number of sessions impacts how much time you’ll spend with your provider, you can expect more sessions to increase what you pay.

That said, if you need more sessions, some laser hair removal providers reduce the cost of each individual session to give you a more affordable price. Additionally, providers like LivSmooth cover the costs associated with any touch-ups you’ll need in the future. 

Graphic featuring an illustration of woman with her arm raised and sparkles overlaying her armpit with text that reads, “Number of sessions may depend on: Size of your underarm; Thickness of hair; Whether other areas are being treated too”.

Provider Experience 

The more experience a provider has, the more you’ll typically pay. Ultimately, you will pay a premium for laser hair removal if you choose the best of the best, but that doesn’t mean your costs will be unaffordable. Look for the best providers in your area by checking reviews, accolades, and business standing to ensure you find someone you trust to take care of your skin. 


The location will also impact the cost of armpit laser hair removal. If you choose to go to a major city, you may pay more than using a provider with a practice in the suburbs. This is usually because of the cost of living. Commercial rents are often higher in the city, so providers typically charge more to cover expenses. 

How Can You Save on Laser Hair Removal?

Don’t let the cost of laser hair removal prevent you from finally eliminating your unwanted body hair. Many providers offer payment plans and laser hair removal specials to help you save on treatment.

It’s also worth considering how laser hair removal can help you save money. Even though there’s a higher upfront cost, you won’t have to worry about paying for razors, shaving cream, or waxing constantly. Instead, you’ll be completely hair-free for a long time to come. 

While every provider is different, you should also consider the potential need for touch-ups. At LivSmooth, our results are guaranteed for life, so any touch-ups are covered in the cost of treatment. So it’s free whether you need a touch-up in six months or six years. 

Image of Asian woman standing with her arms over her head looking out the window.

Is Armpit Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Armpit laser hair removal is worth it if you want to eliminate unwanted hair without regularly shaving or waxing. Since this treatment destroys the hair follicle, hair won’t keep growing. However, laser hair removal isn’t right for everyone. Individuals with lighter-colored hair may not be good candidates. 

That said, most people have terminal hair in their armpits, so even if you’re white-haired on your head, you may still be a good candidate for armpit laser hair removal.

Once you’ve determined your hair can be eliminated with laser hair removal, you should consider whether the investment is worth it to you. The most significant benefit of laser hair removal for armpits is that it’s a long-term solution for removing unwanted hair.

When most of us shave, we either can’t remove all the hair under our arms, or the hair grows back within a matter of a few hours. But laser hair removal damages the hair follicle, preventing or significantly delaying regrowth.

Graphic with text that reads, “Say Goodbye To: Stubble; Shadow; Scratchiness”. Icons depicting each item on the list are featured above the word.

Additionally, there’s little to no maintenance required. After laser hair removal, you won’t have to worry about shaving or waxing your underarms. Instead, you might need a touch-up every now and then, depending on regrowth. 

Laser hair removal also has minimal side effects, isn’t painful like waxing, and won’t cause ingrown hairs like shaving, waxing, or plucking. Plus, since it’s much more precise, you can enjoy truly smooth armpits.

Are Alternative Treatments Cheaper?

Some alternatives to laser hair removal are cheaper for various treatment areas, but they’re much less effective. For instance, shaving and waxing at home is significantly less expensive per purchase than professional laser hair removal, but the hair regrows in a few days or weeks. 

Over time, those constant refills and appointments add up, which can end up close to or more than your laser hair removal costs over a lifetime.

Meanwhile, there are other laser treatment options available for removing underarm hair, such as IPL. However, when comparing IPL vs. laser hair removal, IPL is generally less effective, even though it’s sometimes lower in price.

Additionally, if you’re researching permanent hair removal, you may have come across a treatment called electrolysis. Electrolysis and laser hair removal have similar results, but electrolysis can be more painful and usually takes longer.

So are alternative treatments for removing armpit hair cheaper? Yes, but overall, they’re typically not preferred over laser hair removal. 

If you want smooth, hair-free skin for life, there’s no better option than laser hair removal. It’s better than waxing, shaving, and plucking. And, although your treatments may cost more than a trip to your local waxer, they’ll leave you with smooth, beautiful skin. 

How to Choose an Armpit Laser Hair Removal Provider

You should only choose the best when it comes to finding an armpit laser hair removal provider. Having a technician with experience ensures your treatment goes well and eliminates your unwanted hair. 

The best thing you can do before scheduling a consultation is read a provider’s online reviews. From these reviews, you can learn about patient client experiences to find the right laser hair removal clinic for you. 

You can contact clinics directly to learn more about their services, schedules, and costs. But keep in mind that costs vary, so while they can give you a general estimate, they won’t be able to determine how many treatments you need over the phone. 

If you’re wondering about their results, you can also ask providers in your area for before and after laser hair removal photos. Many clinics have extensive portfolios they like to share with clients, and seeing their results can help you feel more confident in your decision. 

Take the First Step Toward Smooth Underarms

How much does it cost for armpit laser hair removal? It depends on various factors like the number of sessions needed, provider experience, and clinic location. 

However, it’s always worth comparing how much laser hair removal for armpits costs to other hair removal expenses. Razors may seem cheap, but if you’re buying them every month, the costs can add up quickly, making laser hair removal the more affordable choice because it prevents regrowth for good. 

And at LivSmooth, your results are guaranteed for life. If you ever need a touch-up, it’s completely free. We also have laser hair removal specials throughout the year to help you save and payment plans to reduce your costs and ensure you can finally get rid of unwanted underarm hair. Schedule your free consultation today


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