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Image of blonde woman getting laser hair removal on her underarms.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Blonde Hair?

Laser hair removal is an effective method for eliminating unwanted hair anywhere on the body. However, you may have heard that laser hair removal doesn’t work on blonde hair. While it’s true that some lasers might not be able to effectively target blonde hair, others can.

So does laser hair removal work on blonde hair? It ultimately depends on the shade of the blonde, the hair in the treatment area, and the technology being used. Keep reading to learn more about laser hair removal for blonde hair or use the links below.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Does laser hair removal work on blondes? Not all blondes have blonde hair everywhere, so it’s worth considering the shade of blonde hair on your body. Learning how laser hair removal works can help you figure out if it’s the right option for your blonde hair.

During a session, the laser emits light onto the unwanted hair follicle by penetrating through the skin and targeting the hair’s pigment — melanin. The pigment absorbs the light, destroying the hair follicle and preventing hair regrowth.

Since hair grows in stages, multiple treatment sessions are necessary to target the hair during the growth stage. Some clients need up to six treatment sessions to completely remove unwanted hair from a particular area of their bodies. However, they often see results after the first treatment as hairs that grow back are finer.

So does laser hair removal work on blonde hair? Traditionally, laser hair removal treatments were best suited for individuals with light skin and dark hair because this contrast helps the laser effectively target the hair. 

However, new laser hair technology has made it possible for us to target lighter shades of hair and hairs on darker shades of skin.

Illustration depicting the two hairs in follicles with text above it that reads, “Darker hair colors help attract the laser for effective removal.”

If you’ve done your research, you might also compare IPL vs. laser hair removal for blondes. Both options use a light source to target the pigment in the follicle. However, IPL is generally less effective on all types, so it’s not necessarily a more suitable treatment for blonde hair. 

Factors to Consider

Right now, you might wonder, “Does laser hair removal work on blonde facial hair?” Even if you’re not blonde, you might have blonde hair all over your body and face. Laser hair removal can work on blonde hair, but it ultimately depends on several factors, such as:

Shade of Blonde

Darker shades of blonde may be eligible for laser hair removal. The laser must be able to target the hair follicle, and it can only do that on darker hairs. Of course, the shade of your skin may also play a role. Blonde hair on light skin can be difficult to remove with laser hair removal because it works best on hair that’s darker and can absorb more of the light energy. 

Treatment Area

If the place you want laser hair removal has darker terminal hair, then you may be eligible for treatment even if you’re naturally blonde.

Terminal hair is thick, coarse hair that grows all over the body, including your scalp, face, armpits, chest, belly, and pubic area. As we mentioned earlier, not all blondes have blonde body hair, so you may still be a candidate for laser hair removal based on the color of your terminal hair. 

Graphic featuring two boxes. The first box is labeled “Terminal Hair” and features text that reads “Pigmented; Long: Coarse Texture”. The second box is labeled “Vellus Hair” and features text that reads, “Not pigmented; Fine; Soft Texture”.

Type of Laser Being Used

Traditionally, laser hair removal worked best on thick, dark hair because it allowed the laser to target the follicle. However, recent advancements in laser hair removal technology have allowed the laser to target lighter, blonder hair. 

Of course, it’s not a suitable treatment for all shades of blonde, but it can target lighter shades.

Some women have dyed their light hair to make laser hair removal more effective. However, because the dye can’t reach the follicles, the laser is still ineffective at destroying the follicle. Recent advancements have taken this idea a step further. Laser dyeing is another option because it dyes the targeted hair with artificial pigmentation before using the laser to destroy the hair follicle.

Even with recent advancements, some shades of blonde are not suited for laser hair removal because they don’t have enough pigment. Results typically vary for blondes, with lighter hair requiring more treatments, and results are not guaranteed. 

Still, it’s worth getting a consultation with a laser hair removal specialist to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the treatment based on your skin tone and shade of blonde hair. 

Are There Other Hair Colors That Might Not Be Able to Undergo Laser?

Besides blonde hair, there are several other hair colors that are not typically suited for laser hair removal, such as gray, light blonde, very light red, and peach fuzz hair.

In addition, while many new devices have longer wavelengths sensitive to various shades and colors of pigment, there’s no guarantee that laser hair removal will work on very light shades of hair. 

Illustration of a dark-haired woman with the word “Yes” over her head, a blonde woman with the word “Maybe” over her head, and a woman with gray hair with the word “No” above her.

How Do You Find Out If You’re Eligible for Laser Hair Removal?

The only way to find out if you’re eligible for laser hair removal is to get a consultation with a specialist. At your consultation, you’ll be asked about your laser hair removal goals, and specialists can look at the treatment area to determine whether you’re a good candidate for treatment. 

If you’re not a good candidate, there may be several other options available based on your preferences, the location of the hair, and the shade of color. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Worthwhile for Blondes with Dark Enough Hair?

If your hair is dark enough, laser hair removal can be well worth it to remove stubborn, unwanted body and facial hair. The biggest benefit of laser hair removal is that you won’t have to spend time in the shower shaving or worrying about embarrassing stubble. Instead, once your treatments are complete, you’ll have beautiful, silky soft skin you’re proud to show off in shorts, tank tops, or swimsuits. 

So is it worthwhile for blondes with dark enough hair to get laser hair removal? Let’s discuss a few of the benefits. 

Laser hair removal may seem intimidating for some because it uses a laser to target the hair follicle. However, this treatment option is less painful than other hair removal methods. Laser hair removal is better than waxing, shaving, and plucking because it’s more effective with minimal side effects. Laser hair removal is precise and allows you to target unwanted hairs anywhere on your body, including your:

  • Eyebrows
  • Upper lip
  • Nose
  • Bikini line
  • Stomach
  • Legs 

And most importantly, it’s a long-term solution to unwanted body hair. No more constant waxing, shaving, or plucking. You can also avoid ingrown hairs caused by other methods of hair removal by destroying the hair at the root. Laser hair removal saves you time every day. Think of what you can do with all the extra time you’re not spending in the shower shaving or waxing before going out. 

Laser hair removal is a long-term solution to unwanted body hair. Even if you need a touch-up every now and then, it’s one of the best options available because you’ll experience a permanent reduction of hair in the treated area. 

Image of a blonde woman lying on a treatment table while a nurse’s hand holds a laser against her stomach.

What Are the Alternatives for Blondes?

If you’re not a good candidate for laser hair removal because your unwanted hair is too light, there are several other options that may be available. 


Electrolysis is a method of using electricity rather than light to destroy hair follicles permanently. Laser hair removal targets the pigment in hair, while electrolysis targets the hair follicle itself. Electrolysis uses a small probe that’s inserted into the follicle, delivering an electric current that damages the follicle, removing the hair and preventing hair growth in the future. 

This hair removal method can eliminate the lightest color hair more effectively than laser hair removal because it doesn’t rely on pigment. Unfortunately, since the probe is inserted in one hair follicle at a time, treatment takes time, so this method isn’t ideal for larger areas of the body, like the legs. 

Instead, electrolysis is best for removing single hairs. Unfortunately, this method is also very expensive because treatment takes such a long time, requiring multiple sessions. Many people also report that electrolysis is very painful. 

IPL is another popular hair removal method. You can compare IPL vs. laser hair removal to determine if it’s the right option for your needs. IPL differs from electrolysis because it can treat much larger areas by heating multiple hair follicles at once. 


Waxing is another option for removing unwanted hair. It’s a longer-term solution than shaving, but since the hair follicle isn’t destroyed, the hair will grow back. You’ll have to wax about every few weeks to stay smooth, but since the wax trip needs hair to grip onto, you’ll only be hair-free after the first few days after waxing. 

Waxing works by pulling the hair from the follicle rather than destroying it. While waxing is much more affordable than laser hair removal, it’s much less effective. 

Additionally, waxing is painful for most people, and since the hair grows back, you have to figure out whether the pain is worth it. Waxing is particularly painful on areas of the body with unwanted hair, such as the bikini line and upper lip.


Shaving is the shortest-term solution of all because it removes the top tip of the hair rather than targeting the follicle. Therefore, the hair you shave can grow back quickly. If you shave your legs in the morning, you may feel stubble by the afternoon. Shaving is the least effective hair removal option because you’ll have to do it daily to be hair-free. 

Shaving only for your hair to grow back quickly can be frustrating, and the process of shaving is time-consuming and expensive. 

Believe it or not, even though your razor only costs a few dollars, shaving can be more expensive than laser hair removal because you have to constantly keep buying new razors over most of your lifetime. If you shave every other day, it’s recommended to change your razor every few weeks, which means spending money at least every month just to remove hair. 

Additionally, shaving takes time away from your day. You can drastically reduce the time you spend in the shower shaving by removing the razor from the equation completely. 

And besides the cost of razors and the time it takes to shave, shaving increases the chances of painful ingrown hairs. While there are ways to prevent them, you run the risk of getting them every time you shave, so laser hair removal is always the better option if you qualify because it’s more effective, and there’s no risk of ingrown hairs. 

How to Choose a Laser Hair Provider

The best way to choose a laser hair provider is to do your homework. First, look for local providers with reviews online so you can learn about their past clients and their experiences. Additionally, you may want to call around to determine if providers in your area have a laser that can treat dark blonde hair. 

Since every laser hair provider is different and invests in different equipment, you’ll want to be sure they have experience with your hair type. 

Once you’ve found a laser hair removal provider that can treat blonde hair, you should schedule a consultation. During the consultation, a specialist will look at your hair to determine if you’re a good candidate for treatment. If you’re not, they may suggest another treatment option based on your goals. 

Find Out If Laser Hair Removal Is Right for You

Does laser hair removal work on blonde hair? Ultimately, it depends on the shade of hair and the provider’s tools and technologies. The best way to determine if laser hair removal will work for you is to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with LivSmooth

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