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Laser Hair Removal Brazilian Cost

If you have been attempting to keep unwanted pubic hair under control, you may have heard of Brazilian laser hair removal. If you’re considering it as an alternative to waxing or shaving, you’re probably most concerned with effectiveness and cost. 

Brazilian laser hair removal originated as early as the 1920s, so it is not a new service. Since then, Brazilian laser hair removal has evolved significantly over the years. As a result, this hair removal option has become a very popular, effective, and simple way to remove excess hair from the pubic region for both men and women. But is it worth the expense for you?

For an overview of Brazilian laser hair removal cost and what treatment aspects will impact how much you pay, keep reading or use the links below.

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Not all adults like having the hair that naturally grows in the pubic area, and some would rather shave on a daily basis than contend with keeping the hair on their genitals. Brazilian laser hair removal is a professional treatment that uses advanced lasers to rid the pubic area of unwanted hair. Women and men often opt for this type of hair removal service after becoming frustrated with frequent shaving, waxing, and other less effective ways of keeping the genital area hair-free. Not to mention the irritation and discomfort that can often be associated with these hair removal techniques.

During laser hair removal, a laser targets the hair follicle and inhibits hair growth at the source. After a series of treatments, the hair follicle should no longer grow hair or produce hair at a much slower pace. In many cases, Brazilian laser hair removal is permanent.

Woman laying on a table covered on her top and bottom with a medical sheet while someone performs laser hair removal on her bikini area.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal vs Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Many people believe that Brazilian laser hair removal and bikini laser hair removal are the same exact procedure, and although they’re similar, there are some distinct differences. 

Bikini laser hair removal places an emphasis on the region outside the panty line. This particular hair removal procedure generally removes hair approximately three inches beyond the panty line. On the other hand, a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment eliminates hair from a much larger area, which includes the labia and even the perianal areas. Men can have hair removed from their scrotum and surrounding areas.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost

Brazilian laser hair removal cost varies from person to person, as there are many different variables that must be taken into consideration. When you are given a quote for the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal, here are some of the factors that will be taken into account:

Hair Type

Not everyone has the same hair type; some people have thinner hair, while others have thicker hair. The laser hair removal professional will make the determination of the thickness of your hair during your consultation, and a price for the procedure will be quoted accordingly.

Skin Type

Depending on the laser being used, skin type may play a role in how treatment must be administered. As such, in some cases, skin type may be factored into the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal.

Illustration of a bag of money with text that reads: “What Affects the Cost: Hair type; Skin type; Number of sessions needed; Size of treatment area; Where you go for treatment”.

Number Of Sessions Needed

The number of sessions needed for Brazilian laser hair removal can differ between patients, depending on their specific needs. Generally speaking, it ranges from anywhere between four to ten sessions. However, some people might need more.

Size of Treatment Area 

Depending on your body type, the treatment area for Brazilian laser hair removal may be larger or smaller. Usually, larger treatment areas cost more.

Additionally, some people may opt to avoid certain areas usually included in Brazilian laser hair removal, resulting in a smaller treatment area. The full Brazilian laser hair removal cost will typically be higher. 

Where You Receive Treatment

In this case, we mean location. Depending on where your laser hair removal practice is, they may have higher prices. For example, treatment centers in cities with a higher cost of living will usually charge higher laser hair removal for Brazilian costs.

How Long Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Last?

One aspect of Brazilian laser hair removal that is especially attractive to many people is the fact that it is a permanent hair removal option. While laser hair removal is permanent, some people may experience fine, stray hairs returning at some point. This is normal, and there is no need for alarm. Additional sessions may be necessary in order to keep stray hair at bay. 

Do You Have to Pay for Laser Hair Removal Touch-Ups?

Should you find that you need touch-ups in the future—say you notice a few stray hairs growing back—you can rest assured they are included in your Brazilian laser hair removal cost at LivSmooth.

Illustration of a question mark hovering over an opened hand with text that reads, “Is the Cost Worth It? Boost in confidence; No more shaving and waxing; No pain or discomfort”.

Is the Cost of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Many people wonder if the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal is worth it since it is a bit of an up-front investment. Many current and former clients rave about the results of their Brazilian laser hair removal, and they feel that it was very well worth the money and time. Having excess hair in the pubic and bikini areas can be bothersome for many women and men, and shaving and waxing in this sensitive area can be more bothersome. This is why many people opt for this very effective and permanent solution to rid the genitals of excessive hair.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

It’s understandable that you’re concerned about the safety of Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, especially due to the fact that it involves such a sensitive part of the body. However, you can feel confident that there shouldn’t be any side effects to worry about. There is no downtime to contend with, and you can return to your normal activities almost immediately. You may experience some sensitivity and irritation in the area for the first few hours after treatment. 

At LivSmooth, we take every precaution to ensure our patients’ safety. Every treatment is administered by an experienced nurse practitioner and uses state-of-the-art technology. 

Illustration of a woman’s naked torso with text that reads, “At LivSmooth, touch-ups are included in your Brazilian laser hair removal cost.”

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

To most people, the thought of having a laser remove hair from their genital area is downright scary. While this type of hair removal has typically been described as having a snapping sensation as far as discomfort level, you can rest assured that you’ll have a painless experience at LivSmooth.

Our lasers cool as they destroy the hair follicle, so you don’t experience the typical pain expected with Brazilian laser hair removal. You may experience some tenderness and redness for a few hours post-treatment, but it should be fairly mild.

How Can I Save on Laser Hair Removal

If the price of laser hair removal services is more costly than you thought and you’re looking for ways to lower your overall expenses, then there are a few ways you might be able to do so. One way to save money on your laser hair removal services at LivSmooth is to bring a friend. With our “Bring a Friend” program, you and your friend both receive $100 as well as a free first session.

Another way to save on laser hair removal at LivSmooth is to keep a look out for the rotating monthly specials that we offer. Each month, we feature a different offer that can help you save on certain treatments. How much you will save depends on that particular month’s special. We can discuss the current specials during your consultation to see if there are ways to lower your Brazilian laser hair removal cost.

Find Out If Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Is Right for You

Brazilian laser hair removal isn’t right for everyone, but most people love the ease and results of the entire process. We can treat all different skin and hair types with our Brazilian laser hair removal services.

The only way to find out if Brazilian laser hair removal is right for you is to come into one of our conveniently-located offices for a complimentary consultation. You will undergo a complete evaluation while you discuss your needs with our hair removal specialist. The specialist will answer any and all of your questions and concerns in order to help you determine whether it’s a good investment.

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